Thank you for your support of TCK, the LA Food Bank, and the ACLU!
Since quarantine started, I’ve been trying to only watch movies I've never seen before, but at the end of the night I keep landing on my favorites. Namely, ones directed by Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers (or anything set in England in the 1800s, but that’s a whole different story). I mean you can’t really go wrong watching anything by these directors, but somehow I thought I’d surprise myself and watch something new. It wasn’t until the other night when I watched You’ve Got Mail for the millionth time that I realized, though I am not a bookshop owner, I was relating to Kathleen Kelly’s feeling of loss IRL. 
I have not been on the front lines during this pandemic nor have I experienced the type of painful loss that so many people have. During this precarious time, because we’ve been forced to sit, be still and think, I’ve come to some tender conclusions of my own.
I’ve decided to close my business. A business not anything like The Shop Around The Corner, but my business The Common Knowledge: a sculptural accessories brand that I’ve had and grown for seven years. I started right out of college with a background in Industrial Design when the idea started from me folding paper into tiny little sculptural forms. It began with the initial shape of the “Bone bag”, made entirely of one sheet of leather. I then moved on to other forms like the Prism (once big, now mini!) and Pinch. Instead of going to business school, I learned on the job firsthand and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, especially because I got to work with my sister (who made. sh*t. happen). I wore all the hats, from bookkeeper to designer (not to mention my least favorite due to introvert tendencies: hype girl). I am fortunate enough to have been featured in and supported by publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Refinery29, Man Repeller, as well as sold in 20+ stores. I have loved every minute engaging with editors, buyers, and customers, and seeing pictures of people making these creations a part of their carefully curated outfits. 
I am not necessarily closing because of the big bad Fox books or anything like that. It is a personal and conscious artistic decision. The industry struggles before COVID-19 were already tough for a brand that was trying to remain price-conscious, ethical, and unique, but now with this perpetual lull I feel like the time couldn’t be better to stop and take a breath. 
I will be closing up shop June 1st. Until then, we will be selling everything 50% off through the site (and shipped safely from me), and for each bag sold 250 meals will be donated to LA Food Bank.  
Thank you to everyone who has shopped, shared, posted, and liked. I have seen every one of you and will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
All my love and please stay safe, 


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